EICR / Landlord CertificateAre my electrics safe? The electrics in your home must be safe for your protection. The best way to find out whether the systems in your house are safe is to ask a qualified electrician to carry out a test and inspection report (electrical installation condition report). In the UK, this should take place every 10 years in a domestic property, and every five years if you live in a rented home. A property should also ideally be tested before being sold so that the buyers know the condition of the electrics. Commercial premises require more frequent checks.   If it’s been a while since you have had your electrics tested, get in touch and we’ll give you a quote. For the relatively small cost, the peace of mind is priceless. Ask for an “electrical installation condition report”. What happens in an electrical installation condition report? There are two basic parts to an EICR: visual checks and electrical tests. For the visual checks, we look at lights and sockets to see if they’re damaged or deteriorating. We check wiring, bonding and earthing and we look at the consumer unit to assess its condition and whether it meets current safety regulations.   Electrical tests involve putting an electrical current into a circuit to measure the resistance of the earthing, and to check the insulation of the wiring. We also check that the wires are the right way around (polarity) and that the RCD (trip switch) operates within the correct time and specifications. We produce detailed reports after every inspection, which we can also pass on to insurers and tenants if necessary. If we find anything that isn’t safe, we will take photos and attach them to the report, so you know exactly what the problems are. We’ll also provide a free, itemised quote for fixing them!

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